Sunday, December 11, 2011

Just a catch up...

This is the day the Lord has took the day off. I tried to sit on the couch and found out I couldn't....I just get ansy.  

One of the Lord's commandments is to keep the Sabboth, and rest.  I have learned over the years that I MUST take one day off a week or I get over~stressed then I get sick =-[    So, I have learned one of the many reasons that God told us to rest. 

I did putz in the greenhouse, replanted the tomato seedlings that I planted as seeds about a month ago, they are up about 3". I turned my head right at the right time to tell Ranger to NOT EAT THEM!!  She saw green and loves salad and grass....I could just see that...poof, there go the tomatos...LOL!!  I planted more Stevia, the first seeds did nothing.  I wonder how strawberries would grow indoors, anyone ever try it?   If we were to sustain ourselves, where would we get FRUIT?????? It saddens me to see all of the orchards gone, and the ppl with trees just let the fruit rot........what a sad, wasteful generation we have been. We have taken so much for granted!

The days are getting so short. I am thankful for the joy of painting holiday windows to make the first part of winter bearable. We are usuallly home by around 4 when the sun is getting ready to go down.=-[   Fashion goes out the door with the cold....warmth is the order of the day!!

Well, caught up for next time, maybeeee.

Thank you Lord!!!!

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