Saturday, January 16, 2010


I have been thinking about gold a lot lately, probably because of all of those commercials....'mail us your jewelry and we will send you a check' yah right. I thought, who in their right mind would do that? Either it would get ' lost' in the mail, or they would say that what you sent was not real gold, or they would need more money to send it back. Maybe I'm being pessimistic...

Another thing about gold going up so much in price, who would want to buy gold now? Is it a good idea to buy something when the price has skyrocketed? Or are we all scared it may never come down again?

I always wanted a big ol 1 oz gold coin, but if our nation ever fell or a catastrophic event happened to where we would have to barter, you couldn't break down that big ol coin, so you tell the person with the food, here is my gold coin, they snatch it and you are through, no change for you. How about collecting gold little increments at a time so when or if that time came you could take out, say a gold chain and get a little food at a time. Or maybe a better idea would be silver. Just saying that it FEELs good to have a huge chunk of gold, but it is soo not practical.

If any one knows how to go about buying stock in gold, please let me know, that is the way I would love to do it.

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