Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day with the folks

On my last post I said 2 birthdays, my Mothers's birthday is soon also. We went there today. They are getting older and I wish that I could see them much more than I do now. I would have loved to stay longer but there are always pressing things.

I watched a movie on the web called 'The Journey Home' documenting a family named Wallers last night when my husband went to watch the fights. It was about a succesful family that had 5 children but the parents were always working. They decided to go opposite and join a community of mennonites(spelling) They had no electricity and learned to make a living from the land and actually prosper. Then they bought another farm and also had part in a country store, they were so happy and their children were so happy that others would come just to be apart of the way they lived and the love that was there. The story hasn't ended, they now have 10 children and have moved to Isreal to spread their kind of love there and to help them learn more about raising crops. The people there flock to this loving family as they did here.

After watching it, I felt so sad that our lives are what they are, attached to computers, TVs, video games, movies, phones etc. We don't see the beauty in our childrens faces, our children don't see it in us! We all see much more in our 'things' than we do that which is the most important, our relationships.

So today, when seeing my parents, I wished that I didn't have to hurry home, I wished I could have stayed and talked for hours. I need to go with my gut because there will come a day when they are not here and Idon't want so many regrets!

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  1. Now it's almost been a year since my Pa died, many happy memories. See ya one day, Love you!!