Saturday, November 19, 2011

Why is it............

I wish that I had the passion for what I do when I was younger...I had the drive, yeah, but Passion? That is now coming since I seem to have found my nitch, my style if you will....

Too bad that we don't know things younger, or that we can't unzip someones brain and pour in what we know and zip em back up! LOL

I am blessed, always have been. Maybe not from someone else s point of view, but....I don't want to be rich...especially if it is offa someone else s back!! I don't want a big house.....I would have to clean it.....I don't want acreage because I would be responsible for it. I want to be me...and I thank God for that!

I always wanted to be a famous oil painter.....Guess what...I am .......LOL

But yes, I tried oil painting...I absolutely love it, tried to get commissions on ebay..It happened....20 paintings at the same time I had Christmas windows up the wazooo......I did it...but never again during the holiday season!

On my website. Go to the 'oil paintings' page for a sample of what I have done.....they are all different!! I haven't found my own style there is coming!! I FEEL IT!!

May the Lord Bless you and keep you!

John 10:10

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